Autumn Watch

We are so thrilled to launch Autumn Watch in Stroud. We placed 35 cameras through out the area to see what' s been happening. You can visit our web app to see what is in each location here (remember to click on the flags to find the links to the videos):


Autumn Watch


Alternatively below are the stories of our area told by a compilation of species. 

We are interested in repeating this exercise for all 4 seasons.

So if you have any stories or would like to get involved contact Gabriel or Chloe: or

Animal stories

  • Deer stories

  • Badger Stories

  • Fox Stories...coming soon

  • Hedgehog Stories...coming soon

  • Squirrels and birds...coming soon  



Reviewing 1000 plus videos threw up some very interesting questions:

  • Is hedgehog on the menu?

  • When did they become such good friends?

  • Is this the most important hedge in Stroud?

  • Which is braver?

  • Which is cleverer Squirrel, Magpie or Jay?

  • What is making that racket?

  • What is watching the fox?

  • Do Muntjac hang out with Roe Deer?

More video questions to follow...