The purpose of the project is to engage young minds in the application of real science to save an iconic British mammal.  This will include:

  • Student start with observational investigation with live hedgehogs
  • They can become a nominated hedgehog republic school which means being champions of the local hedgehog population
  • They can run the local observations into hedgehog population which will feed into important national data
  • Students will understand the dynamics of hedgehog populations through playing a simulation game
  • They can take part in a forensic study of hedgehog habitats leading to improvements in the school grounds and local gardens
  • Installation and monitoring of their own hedgehog box providing detailed data and videos

This process will give them the Artistic, Literary, IT and Science skills to become ambassadors for their Hedgehog Republic.  But perhaps more importantly it will give them a passion for learning and applying it in a good cause.