This is our exciting Scratch project all about surviving the dangerous garden world as a hedgehog. It teaches conservation and the computing national curriculum.  It is designed to be built by students from year 4 to year 7. Please try it:


hedgehog game

If you would like to develop the game with your class these detailed lessons should help:

1. Research about a hedgehog life:


1.1 The hedgehog research question document can be found here

1.2 Once you have completed the research document try and complete the points sheet for the hedgehog game here

2. Software Lessons

LESSON 1      - Moving and Costumes

LESSON 2      - Using Variables

LESSON 3      - Adding Other Characters

LESSON 4      - Setting Winning and Losing Screens

LESSON 5A    - Adding Predators and Dangers

Extension for the brave:

LESSON 5B    - Adding More Gardens

LESSON 6B    - Learning Cloning

3. Extra resources

Studio with games to copy

National Curriculum Map

4. Evaluate

We are very keen to improve the learning experience of our conservation games.  Please take a moment to give us feedback:

Evaluation form

5. Results from School Evaluations

Stroud Valley School Evaluation 2019